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Cash/Check Donations:

If you prefer donating more traditionally, please download our Donation Form. Fill it in electronically before you print (or simply print and fill it out by hand). You may drop off cash and checks to the Temple in person or mail checks to our mailing address. Please do not mail cash. Thank you for your support.

One Time Donation:

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Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for considering to donate to Omkaar Temple. The building of Omkaar Temple is an undertaking of epic proportions and a donation of any amount goes a long way. The growth of the Temple as well as associated religious activities depends greatly upon the generous donations of devotees like you. Thank you again for helping our community realize its collective dream for Omkaar Temple.

-Omkaar Temple Administration

How Your Donations Help

Omkaar Temple is open to all, without discrimination, and completely free of charge. Keeping the Temple open and running on a day to day basis however costs a considerable amount. Thankfully donations from devotees like you and other equally generous members of our community help fund the following:

Land and Building

This category includes the cost of land and the mortgage of the Temple facility.

New Construction and Upgrades

Additions and upgrades to Temple building and campus.

Priest Services

Priest salaries, housing, and transportation.

Ceremonial Items

Prasad, flowers, food items such as coconuts/bananas/milk, incense, oil and other offerings required to complete daily Pujas and special event ceremonies.

Maintenance and Utilities

Water, electricity, groundskeeping, as well as janitorial services and building maintenance.


Internet, website servers and updates, audio-visual equipment, computer equipment and software licenses.

Community Outreach

Resources spent to connect with the community. Fundraising, newsletters, feedback review, communications - including persons available to respond to calls and e-mails.

Much More

This list isn't fully exhaustive but summarizes our most major costs associated with staying open in order to serve the community and achieve our stated Mission.


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